Year: 2018

Calls for elder financial abuse to be part of royal commission It will be several weeks before the terms of reference for the newly-announced royal commission into aged care will be finalised. The commission is likely to focus on the services provided in aged care facilities, but some in the […]

Office for the Ageing (Adult Safeguarding) Amendment Bill 2018

On 20 June 2018 the South Australian Minister for Health and Wellbeing introduced the Office for the Ageing (Adult Safeguarding) Amendment Bill 2018 Office Safeguarding Amendment Bill 2018 PDF  into the Legislative Council, following through on the Government’s election commitment […]

Elder Abuse Discussion Paper

FMC launched the Respecting Elders Program approximately a year ago. The program aims to provide support for people experiencing abuse and is funded via a philanthropic grant and more recently we received some state funding. Download  Respecting Elders Report PDF file What’s […]

Elder Abuse – There’s No Excuse:

The link above is for a You Tube video made by Legal Services SA for APEA (the Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse). It features advice from the 5 member agencies of APEA.

2018 EMIN World Summit in Bristol, England

2018 Bristol Summit Registration now available Check out the latest information on the upcoming EMIN World Summit in Bristol, England. The Summit registration form is now available online at: