Associate Professor Dr Dale Bagshaw (BA, Dip Soc Stud, M Soc Admin, PhD, Cert.EM.)

Dale is a practicing Certified Elder Mediator with the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) and an adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, University of South Australia where she was previously Head of School, the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Program Director for the Masters/Graduate Diploma in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and the Doctor of Human Service Research, and the Director of the Centre for Peace, Conflict and Mediation (1973-2009). In 2007, she led the research team that wrote the first South Australian Government’s ‘Strategy to Prevent the Abuse of Older South Australians 2007-2014’ and is a member of the Steering Committee, Office for the Ageing, Department for Health and Ageing which reviewed the plan and produce the report – ‘Strategy to Safeguard the Rights of Older South Australians 2014-2021’. She continues on the Steering Committee to oversee the implementation of the new plan.

Dale has led many research teams at a national and international level, including those focused on family violence, elder abuse and elder mediation. Her most recent research was funded by an ARC-Linkage grant and in-kind contributions from 5 partner agencies and focused on the use of older-person-centred mediation as a strategy to prevent the financial abuse of older people by their family members.

Dale convened the 6th World Summit of Mediation with Age-Related Issues in Adelaide in 2013, is the convener and Chair of the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN), which she developed post-Summit, and has developed and maintains a comprehensive resource-rich website for elder mediators, older people and their families (see She is a member of the Board and Certification Committee of the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) and has worked with the latter committee to develop international certification standards for elder mediators that are relevant to Australasia. Since April 2015 she has delivered many training programs for elder mediators in Australia and New Zealand, which in part meets the EMIN certification requirements.

In 2013, Dale received the Sherren Leadership Award from the Elder Mediation International Network for her ‘contributions to the global advancement of mediation with age-related issues’, in 2014 the LEADR Michael Klug Award for her ‘innovation and leadership in the field of dispute resolution’, and in 2015 the Resolution Institute’s Practitioner Award for her ‘contribution to the development of others in DR’.

For more information see Dale’s websites: (Asia Pacific Mediation Forum website)