A very dear friend and EMAN colleague, Patrick Wedge, has said his farewells after almost three years of battling Motor Neurone Disease.
Patrick was an accomplished lawyer and mediator and crossed the finish line in two world marathons. He embraced the role of mediator 8 years ago with a deep passion, infectious enthusiasm and commitment and was highly respected by the Australian mediation community. He loved working with his clients, his fellow mediators and his students and was highly regarded by his peers. He always showed a readiness to help others with empathy and pragmatism. His quiet, purposeful listening and ability to calmly and thoughtfully respond made him a very capable professional in all of his work. He was an inspiration to all who knew him.
Some years ago Patrick established the Conflict Resolution Centre in Brisbane. He was also a proud member of the Queensland Law Society ADR Committee, Brisbane Mediations, the Resolution Institute and several other ADR panels. Many mediators would meet with him for coaching and assessing new mediators and were able to share ideas and debrief with him after a difficult mediation.
Patrick continued to show great interest in what was happening around him until his last days. He showed amazing courage and strength and will be sorely missed by those fortunate enough to have known him. His warmth of personality and wry smile gave those who knew him an uplifting experience and the sustaining strength of friendship.
Rest in peace dear Patrick.