Carroll-Bell Rebecca

As a nationally accredited, independent  mediator, Rebecca Carroll-Bell brings parties together to find satisfying, durable solutions to their conflict. Based in Melbourne, RCB Mediation Services offers a personalised, flexible mediation and dispute resolution process.

After 10 years as a litigation lawyer working across a variety of areas of law including personal injury, tax, debt recovery, wills and estate litigation and in VCATs Guardianship list, Rebecca saw that mediation offers far more to the parties than just settling the legal dispute at hand. Mediation offers the chance to address underlying, unmet psychological needs in a safe environment, and create a new future on many levels.

Now her passion as a mediator lies in enabling parties to take control of their futures and resolve their differences while preserving – and perhaps even improving – relationships with others involved in the dispute. Mediation puts the power back into the parties’ hands, enabling them to resolve the dispute on their own terms rather than being dictated to by the court, tribunal or other decision maker.

With a strong litigation background, Rebecca understands the myriad of factors that may influence a party’s ability to reach a negotiated outcome. Often, issues lying beneath the surface of the dispute prevent litigants from reaching agreement.  Mediation can uncover and resolve those underlying issues, increasing the prospect of settling the overall dispute.

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