Chong, Yue-En

Yue-En Chong TEP received his accreditation as Mediator from Regent’s University London
School of Psychotherapy & Psychology in 2014 and was appointed SMC Associate Mediator in
Singapore Mediation Centre in January 2015. In the same year, he was appointed to Family
Mediation Panel of Singapore Mediation Centre and as a Mediation Associate for the Eagles
Mediation and Counselling Centre.
Yue-En’ was then appointed Coach for Singapore Mediation Centre in September 2017 as well
as Mediator on the Singapore Law Society’s LSMES-LSNES Family Law Scheme in 2021. Yue-En
was also appointed as Assessor under Part 8C of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act
2020 and SMC Adjudicator/Determinant for Dispute Resolution Schemes with IMDA in April
In August 2022, Yue-En was appointed Volunteer Mediator (Community Mediation Centre
under Ministry of Law) as well as SMC Mediator (Intellectual Property) in November 2022. In
May 2023, Yue-En became a SIMI Certified Mediator which is the highest accreditation status
for SIMI, which is the Singapore Standard Board for Mediation.


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