Clarke, Helen

I am an accredited mediator with the Resolution Institute in New Zealand. I completed my Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Dispute Resolution) in 2017. My first career was as a Physiotherapist where I worked in both the public and private sectors.

My primary reason to undertake training in Dispute Resolution was to combine my experience in the health sector and my life experiences of being part of a large family. I grew up with my grandmother living with us, and as I have raised our family I have been part of my family group who assisted my parents as their circumstances changed and they needed increased support and care. They have both died now.

In my work, I have undertaken mediations provided through the Retirement Villages Act 2003. In my role as a contractor to FairWay Resolution, I provide conflict coaching to residents, their families, and operators in a trial for eleven villages in New Zealand. I have undertaken and continue to provide mediated and facilitated meetings and conflict coaching in workplaces, schools, and sports clubs.