David C. Lloyd
Arbitration & Mediation

David is a founding member of the Fremantle Mediation Group Inc.

After graduating with a Mathematics degree from Oxford University, David worked as a commodity trader in London, then as a financial director and non-executive director on several company boards, treasurer of various Associations, and latterly as Owner builder and site labourer.

Corporate Specialist
Today, David offers arbitration and mediation services to the corporate sector.

His core specialty areas include:

  •           Trading
  •           Accounting
  •           Corporate Governance
  •           Financial
  •          Contracts
  •          Small Business
  •          Workplace Disputes

Strategies for Success
David draws on tested mediation methods to ensure his clients are guided towards a mutually acceptable outcome.

Maintaining a safe environment, where both parts can speak and be heard, and are encouraged to think positively and creatively, is at the core of this approach.

In addition David offers a “Med-Arb” blended service to ensure a final legally binding outcome. If the clients have previously agreed to this, and the dispute is not settled in the Mediation process, David will write an Arbitral Award which is binding under the Arbitration Act.


David has worked as a qualified arbitrator and mediator for 10 and 9 years respectively. His qualifications include:

  • IAMA Professional Certificate in Arbitration
  • IAMA Professional Certificate in Mediation
  • Arbitration Advanced Course
  • National Mediation Standard, IAMA and LEADR accreditations

For further information about David’s corporate arbitration and mediation services contact 0410 526 310 or email mediationfreo@iinet.net.au.