Regan, Davina

Davina is a mediator with over fifteen years of mediation practice, primarily in the area of restorative justice, community and family.

Davina is an NMAS Accredited Mediator and a NSW Attorney General accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is a member of the Resolution Institute, the Australian Mediation Association and the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN). Davina currently works as a senior mediator and supervisor across FDR, ATSI and Elder Mediation programs. She is a trained and experienced clinical supervisor and group facilitator. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology Philosophy), a Diploma of Law and a Masters of Conflict Resolution. Davina has completed Elder Mediation training in 2023.

Davina enjoys working with families, both nuclear and extended, for parenting, financial and inter generational relationship issues. She has led teams in the development of cultural complex and domestic violence mediation programs. She is currently creating and implementing effective dispute resolution processes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Davina provides regular clinical supervision for mediators, individual and group, utilizing a variety of social psychology practices. Davina is a child consultant, engaging caringly with children to assist families to consider and support the child’s voice in family conflict. Davina is currently enjoying mediating elder disputes across issues such as disability, finances and care.

Davina has worked with the NSW Attorney Generals Department and the Australian Human Rights Commission as a mediator in the area of criminal, discrimination and human rights law. Davina regularly provides mediation for interstate and regional clients, working effectively on line and face to face. Davina values collaboration with other services and specialists to best support her clients.

Davina’s work brings her into close contact with families who are in dispute or who may want to avoid it. Her practice is trauma informed and focuses on empowering families to co-exist well into the future.


Davina Regan
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