STESIN Vasantha

Vasantha is an experienced corporate and commercial solicitor with prior qualifications in pharmacy and currently an active Nationally Accredited Mediator. She worked internationally, in marketing and business development, within the multinational pharmaceutical industry prior to her entry into legal practice, originally in the United Kingdom. She advises broadly within the health care arena including commercial and litigious matters. She combines her academic background, (previously at the University of New South Wales, where she taught the law component in a postgraduate course in Drug Development Studies and Pharmaceutical Medicine to scientists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals, currently at Monash University), with her practice experience to provide clients with practical and commercial solutions to their legal issues.

Vasantha mediates regularly and strongly believes in the use of alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve disputes. She is on several panels including that of the Office of the Small Business Commissioner, the Single List of External Mediators for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the Civil Mediation Program for the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria. Having worked internationally, with multinational pharmaceutical companies, in chambers and with major law firms, Vasantha draws on over 32 years of experience when advising clients, providing commercial solutions and resolving conflict.
Vasantha Stesin
Stesin Legal

BSc (Pharmacy), LLB, LLM (London)
Grad Cert Mediation & Conflict Resolution (U of Qld)
Nationally Accredited Mediator