Rhonda is a nationally accredited mediator. It was her during her commercial career as a senior business executive of large, technology dominant, international corporations that she sought to understand additional ways to resolve disputes after observing some of the financial and business productivity impacts which accompanied protracted and costly court-centred litigation.

Rhonda’s interest in elder mediation in part, developed by working with and exposure to, the collective knowledge and depth of experience of honoured and respected business and community leaders through governance work and board directorships in the arts, disability, sports, health, emergency services and community sectors.

Her recognition of some of the needs of elders became apparent as a private advocate for elders on health and financial matters. She gained fresh insights from her personal involvement and practical experience of advocacy.

Rhonda’s  initial qualification as a registered nurse saw her working with elders and frail elderly people within hospital and aged care settings and those experiences helped form a useful understanding of the special requirements and support needed when people and especially elders; are sick or vulnerable and without their own, definitive “voice”. Her other practical experience as an Honorary Victorian Justice caused  her to think that early  education and competent use of mediation skills might have prevented some of the severe outcomes that resulted from unresolved conflicts.

The professional, passionate presenters combined with diverse content at the Sixth Annual World Summit on Mediation with Age-Related Issues: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Research/Centre-for-Peace-and-Security/Our-Research/World-Summit-on-Mediation-with-Age-Related-Issues/ inspired Rhonda to become more actively involved and to contribute to the growth in awareness and understanding of elder mediation. Mediation which is conducted by professionally accredited elder mediators, throughout Australasia and other regions.

Mediation Accreditation

Accredited Mediator NMAS (since 2009)

Accredited Mediator Practitioner LEADR (since 2008)

Contact Details

E: rhonda@churchillwood.com.au

M:  +61 438 358 403