Focused Elder Mediation Training Webinars May June 2018

Presented by the Elder Mediation Australasian Network – EMAN ( & Brāv (

A series of three 90-minute webinars focused on how seniors process their environment and social interactions, elder abuse, and how conflict management processes differ in the elder domain compared to other types of ADR shall be presented online for professional mediators and other interested parties.

Notes and a Certificate of Participation will be provided.

The webinar session will be accessible to registrants for 45 days after the webinar.

Download the brochure: Elder Mediation Online Webinars May June 2018

Webinar #1: Self-Perception from Members of the Elder Community

This 90-minute webinar explores the artifacts of social interaction for seniors from

their own viewpoint. Helping seniors with any level of their worldly needs requires

knowing how they think and feel about how they are treated by others. Topics

include respect, honour, power dynamics, life skills, access to “normalized” living ā

conditions, coping mechanisms, and much more…

Webinar #2: Multi-Generational Interaction in Conflict Management Contexts

This 90-minute webinar engages participants in areas of mediator competency.

Topics focus on duties to perform, understanding elder abuse in many forms, how

self-determination impacts elders above and beyond younger members of society,

discusses challenges emergent in elder mediation, “Active Aging,” supporting elder

empowerment, and much more…

Webinar #3: Elder Conflict Management/Mediation Process and Potential Outcomes

This 90-minute webinar closes the loop and answers questions on how mediation

addresses and mitigates elder concerns. The foundation to self-awareness is

explored in context. Focus is on the critical areas of “Capacity to Participate” versus

“Capacity to Decide” and levels of engagement are defined and explored. The

process of elder mediation is discussed, including contingencies, oversight issues,

escalation, intervention, mediator social responsibility, and much more…

Presenter: Dr. Buddy Thornton ( has a DBA in Conflict Management and Cross-Cultural Competency (ABD), Grand Canyon University, and is from BCT Mediations PLUS and Brāv. He has designed these webinars in conjunction with EMAN Executive Committee to facilitate the advancement of knowledge in the elder mediation and care domain.

NB: The webinar hours will count toward Certification as an elder mediator with the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN)..

Cost in AUS dollars: $40 for one, $80 for two, or $100 for all three if pre-enrolled.

Times: 10.30 am in Perth, 12 pm in Adelaide, 12.30 pm in Sydney & 2.30 pm in Auckland.

Dates: Monday, May 28 (#1), Monday, June 4 (#2), and Tuesday, June 12 (#3), 2018.

Payment for participation can be made by transferring the required amount to the Elder Mediation Australasian Network NAB Bank Account: BSB number: 085375. Account Number: 246417885

Please make sure that your name is included in the transaction and then send an email with your name, payment date, email and phone numbers to Dale Bagshaw, EMAN President: & Paul Bartley, the EMAN Treasurer:

For more information about these webinars, or to register your interest, please contact Dr Dale Bagshaw by or phone: +61 (0) 408805641.