Elder Abuse Discussion Paper

FMC launched the Respecting Elders Program approximately a year ago. The program aims to provide support for people experiencing abuse and is funded via a philanthropic grant and more recently we received some state funding.

Download  Respecting Elders Report PDF file

What’s unique about this data set is that it’s drawn from 200 cases of actual abuse on older people who have approached us for support. It is also distinct from most other reports in that our services are based on a family systems approach rather than legal support or advocacy service. The attached report summarises our findings from the data and includes a list of considerations formed from our extensive experience in working with older people experiencing abuse. You may be particularly interested in the section on a joint Federal/State approach to delivering services within the existing infrastructure. Also, there is an interesting link with financial counselling services that even surprised us.

I think the report provides a new perspective on this important issue.

Don’t hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss this report further.

Should any of your staff need to refer or discuss a client please contact FMC’s Respecting Elders program on 1800 214117