Dear colleagues

I’m delighted to report that after months of negotiations with the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN), involving the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN) Board members and members of the Resolution Insitute’s Facilitative Elder Mediation Subcommittee, we now have an agreement with the EMIN Board for an ‘Elder Mediation Certification Pilot Project’ to begin in Australia and NZ in November this year (in partnership with EMAN and the Resolution Institute and with support from Relationships Australia).  

 Please download document from the EMIN Board for detailed information about the EMIN Pilot Project and the EMIN website for the normal certification requirements (for comparison) –  The EMIN Registrar’s email address is: Helen Harnett

 I encourage you to read the attached proposal carefully and to register with EMIN for certification if you have completed the required hours of Elder Mediation training with either Judy McCann-Beranger or myself since 2015. During the pilot period you will benefit from significant changes that have been made to make it much easier and cheaper for mediators in Australia and NZ, who have completed elder mediation training, to become certified with EMIN (see the attached EMIN doc). 

 The EMAN Board members and the Resolution Institute Elder Mediation Sub Committee approached EMIN as we were concerned that many people without the necessary specialised training, knowledge or skills are calling themselves ‘elder mediators’ in Australia and NZ, and not many who have undertaken elder mediation training have registered for certification and need some form of recognition.   We strongly believe that EMIN’s Elder Mediation Certification is the ‘gold standard’ requirement for elder mediator recognition and, given the changes mooted for mediation accreditation in various DR sectors by the evolving new National Mediation Accreditation System, we think it is timely that this pilot is beginning now.

 Here is a brief outline of the pilot.


  1. If you have completed 30 hours of elder mediation training with an EMIN certified elder mediator (Advanced level)  – that is with Judy McCann-Beranger and/or myself since 2015, you will be able to directly register for certification with EMIN at either the basic or advanced level from November 1, 2023 and count all of the CPD hours required by EMIN (specified in different categories) that you have completed since 2015 (instead of in the last 2 years). 


All you need to do to register with EMIN (at a reduced cost) is to provide proof that you have completed the required 30 hours of elder mediation training, that you have national mediation accreditation and that you have indemnity insurance.  Once you have registered you can use the title ‘EMIN Certification Candidate’ when marketing your services as an elder mediator, as long as you complete the rest of the certification requirements within the specified time period.


  1. If you have only completed 20 hours of elder mediation training since 2015 you will be required to enrol in a 10-hour ‘Advanced Elder Mediation Online Workshop’ which will include ‘catch up’ knowledge and skills and roleplays.  To participate in the pilot you will then need to register for certification (at a reduced cost) with EMIN  within 6 weeks of completing this workshop.  


PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY NOVEMBER 1, 2023,  IF YOU FIT THIS CATEGORY AND WISH TO DO THIS ADVANCED WORKSHOP.   I will plan the timing and content of the workshop to suit the needs of the interested group. You will also be able to count all of the EMIN required CPD hours you have accumulated since 2015 (instead of within the last two years).  Priority for inclusion in the Advanced online workshop will be given to those wishing to register for EMIN certification post-workshop.


  1. If you have not yet managed to enrol in an Elder Mediation training program, there will be another online training program early in 2024 (date to be determined).  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. 


Please note that the National Mediation Standards Board has changed its name and approach.  It is now called the National Mediation Accreditation System (NMAS) –   The Resolution Institute and the Elder Mediation Australasian Network Board are working toward encouraging NMAS recognition of the EMIN Elder Mediation Certification (basic and advanced levels) as a requirement for ‘elder mediators’. 


We do hope that you will take advantage of the pilot project to enhance the visibility, accountability  and credibility of elder mediation in Australia and New Zealand.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns and please let others know about this project. 

 Kind regards