The Elder Mediation Australasian Network and the Resolution Institute have partnered to produce a webinar series that will contribute to the knowledge base of elder mediators.

any of the following recorded webinars please click onto the link and pay a small fee to the Resolution Institute.  You will be able to count your viewing of these webinars towards your elder mediation certification with the Elder Mediation International Network.

Webinar recording | Mental health needs of residents in residential aged care facilities (offered in partnership with EMAN)
with Dr Jodie Oliver-Baxter and Monika Kolta

Webinar recording | Bringing ‘Eldercaring Coordination’ to Australia: meeting the needs of older adults and families in conflict (run in partnership with EMAN)
with Linda Fieldstone, Michelle Morley, Sue Bronson, Dr Dale Bagshaw

Webinar recording | Elder Mediation and Legal Decision-Making Capacity (in association with EMAN)
with Dr Lise Barry and Dr Dale Bagshaw

Webinar recording | Elder mediation in the retirement village context (in association with EMAN)
with Dale Bagshaw, Margaret Halsmith and Anet Kate