Interview Professor Dale BAGSHAW – PART 1

Episode Description

Dr Dale Bagshaw is the founder and Chair of EMAN, a nationally and internationally accredited mediator and an academic who leads the work in the elder mediation and ageing sectors. Her work has been dedicated to all aspects of alternative dispute resolution in the area of ageing for many years. Dale combines her extensive academic work and expertise with a love of Elder Mediation and a well-recognised desire to educate and train others to work in this sector. Her academic background enables her to understand the underlying challenges that face practitioners of any profile who decide to work with ageing issues and older population. Dale is a certified Elder Mediator (Advanced) with the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) and a member of the EMIN Board and Certification Committee.  Over the past few years, Dale has been awarded a number of awards, to mention a few – in 2019, she was a recipient of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award, which is presented annually in the US, for her international leadership;  in 2014, the Michael Klug Award by the Board of LEADR for her innovation and national leadership in the dispute resolution field; in 2015 was awarded the Resolution Institute’s Practitioner Award for development and mentoring of dispute resolution practitioners, and in 2013, EMIN’s Sherren Award for her international contributions and leadership in the ageing sector.