Year: 2015

The South Australian Office for the Ageing (OFTA) has developed a public awareness campaign on safeguarding the rights of older South Australians and elder abuse. The campaign aims to safeguard older people against elder abuse and to help the South …

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Family Mediation and Counselling Victoria and Benetas have launched a Seniors Mediation Program. Seniors Mediation is a unique type of mediation for elderly people and their families that uses a non-adversarial approach to resolving conflict or making important decisions. Contact: …

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Seniors Victoria (page 3) has provided good coverage of research into elder mediation as a potential strategy to protect older people from financial abuse by their adult children –

Here is a link to the Older People Clinical Network webpage where you will find the draft SA Health Services Plan for People with Dementia (and Delirium). The Older People Clinical Network welcomes any comments your may have on the plan.