Accreditation & Standards

The EMAN Executive Committee have assisted the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) with the development of international certification standards for elder mediators.  The EMAN Chair, Dale Bagshaw,  is a member of the EMIN Certification Committee and has worked closely with the committee to ensure that the standards are relevant to Australian mediators.

Please find attached the latest version of the EMIN Code of Ethics.
The EMAN Executive Committee have made a significant contribution to updating the Code of Ethics and, given that all of our contributions have been accepted and incorporated, we recommend the EMIN Code as an appropriate code for elder mediators in Australasia.

EMIN Code of Ethics – Ninth Edition
Code of Ethics for Elder Mediators Tenth Edition
Dated: March 2021
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Guidelines for Elder Mediators
Dated: March 2021