Research Reports

  • Bagshaw, Dale, Wendt, Sarah, Zannettino, Lana. Preventing the financial abuse of older people by a family member. Designing and evaluating older-person-centred models of family mediation. Australian Research Council Linkage Grant Report, 2013.   Partners: University of South Australia, Flinders University, Department for Families and Communities, Office for the Ageing, Alzheimer’s Australia, Guardianship Board, Relationships Australia and the Office of the Public Advocate.  Website: The Older-person-centred mediation project:
  • Bagshaw, Dale, Wendt, Sarah, Zannettino, Lana. Our Actions to prevent the abuse of older South Australians. Research-based action plan for the South Australian Office for the Ageing and the Department for Families and Communities. Government of South Australia, November 2007. link to PDF file
  • Lacey, Wendy et al:  Protection of Vulnerable Adults Project: Final Report and Draft Policy Framework on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults in South Australia: A Whole-of-Government Policy for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults From Abuse, submitted to the Office of the Public Advocate for further submission to the Office for Ageing, Department of Families and Communities, South Australia, August 2011 (with N Procter and K Price). Wendy Lacey was the principal author of this Report and the Draft Policy. Both documents were inserted without modification by the Office of the Public Advocate into the final Report submitted to the Office for the Ageing. The Report was tabled in Parliament by the Hon John Hill, Minister for Health and Ageing, 15 June 2012).
  • Judy MCann-Beranger Exploring the Role of Elder Mediation in the Prevention of Elder Abuse  Project funded by the Department of Justice Canada under the Family Violence Initiative (April 2001 – March 2002)
  •  report on elder abuse and elder mediation
  • Judy MCann-Beranger  Canadian Examples of Elder Mediation – Exploring the Role of Elder …   30 Apr 2013 … SECTION 2: ELDER MEDIATION IN PRACTICE. Research was undertaken to determine if the practice of elder mediation was growing
  • Mann, R; Horsley, P; Barret, C & Tinney, J (2014) Norma’s Project A Research Study into the Sexual Assault of Older Women in Australia pdf document. Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society.
  • Elder Abuse Discussion Paper Respecting Elders Report (PDF file)