Ceravolo Mary

Mary Ceravolo is a Coordinator with City of Salisbury’s Social Participation and Diversity
Community Health and Wellbeing working with CaLD communities in the northern region.
Mary is a member of the Salisbury Safeguarding Older Adults Group which has been responsible for developing the Division’s policy, procedure and flow chart to assist staff in the identification of and response to cases of Elder Abuse. This initiative has been supported by extensive staff training and a commitment to build knowledge and awareness around safeguarding older adults.
Mary has worked with the Bhutanese Community for the last 6 years and over that time has greatly enhanced community members’ access to information and resources around their health and well-being. This has included an understanding of their basic rights, and awareness around protecting themselves from all forms of abuse. In addition Mary has worked in a mediation role with individual community members, their families and (if appropriate) the broader community to support the resolution of complex health and support issues.

Mary is also well known in the community for her Visual Art work, poetry and published work – Mary actively draws upon her specialist field of knowledge in her work with women of different age group adopting her skills in promoting Inner women development. Her background is vast and she has acquired many academic and practical skills. Over the past 21 years Mary has tested, proved and refined her expertise in human and social services both in English and Italian contexts , with culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Holistic Counseling and Preventive Health.


City of Salisbury
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Direct communications
Mary Ceravolo
M: 0488 189 398
E: maryceravolo@bigpond.com