Cheok Frida

Dr Frida Cheok is a joint founder and director of Mediation for Elders, which specialises in facilitating conversations involving older people on issues arising in the context of life transitions. Frida’s focus is on helping participants talk through existing or potential problems with the goal of fostering ongoing relationships and building capacity to manage future conflict.
Frida holds a PhD in public health with over 30 years’ experience in senior roles at the forefront of important new health initiatives in a range of areas, including ageing, cancer screening and mental health. Frida was project manager for the development of The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ALSA), Australia’s first multi-dimensional population based study of ageing commencing in 1992 with follow-up of the original cohort of participants to 2010. Assessment included physical and mental functioning, biochemistry and self-completed questionnaires. Other experience in ageing includes developing and evaluating new models of aged care service delivery. Her interest in factors contributing to the well-being of older people has continued as has her passion for using the power of communication to bring about successful outcomes in all her projects, from bringing together disparate parties and persuading them to work together to resolving disputes in both process and content matters. She brings together her interests and abilities as a facilitator to now focus on elder mediation.

Contact Information

CHEOK, Dr Frida

Mediator, Mediation for Elders.
Consultant, FC Health Services Research.
PO Box 536 North Adelaide, 5006
Mobile: 0438 811 872
South Australia