HOPE, Jane

Principal Mediator & Coach at ATD Mediation

I provide coaching, facilitation and negotiation skills in dispute resolution, performance development and change management services to businesses, individuals (personal/professional), government agencies, not-for-profits (NFP) and workplaces.

With a background spanning over 30yrs across multiple industries in business development, community development (three tiers of government, NFP, communities, etc), and personal / professional development, I’m an accomplished coach, facilitator, negotiator and mediator who provides a suite of services designed to achieve mutually desirable outcomes.

Having managed staff of differing ages, cultures, and gender identities (in small to medium businesses), I’ve implemented a variety of integrated management systems to accommodate business-based growth and development needs such as, employee retention, OH&S, regulatory reporting, strategic financial management, structural change, and more.

Across the three tiers of government and not-for-profit sectors I’ve co-developed and implemented projects and policies in collaboration with numerous stakeholders, for government and non-government agencies within the following sectors: aged care, child protection, corrections, education, employment, health, housing, police, transport, and youth engagement.


Phone Number 0427525772
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jane-hope-045453278