Jenny is an experienced mediator and arbitrator practitioner and educator and is a member of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMIA). Her practice is in environment, planning, neighbourhood, justice, family, parent-adolescent and adult-elder mediations. Her interests include families in conflict situations involving older family members as well as non-conflict situations where difficult decisions need to be made as well coaching services to prepare older people and adult family members for conversations on difficult topics. A focus is on the role of advocacy in adult-elder mediation.

Jenny teaches Conflict Management and Mediation at RMIT University as a core course for planning students and an elective for students from other disciplines. She has designed and delivered tailor made mediation training to the Mekong River Commission; mining industry; RMIT complaints officers; RMIT technical services staff; the Office of the Public Advocate and the Office of Parliament. A second edition of her sole authored book Conflict Management and Mediation will be published in 2014. Jenny Chairs the RMIT University Appeals Committee and Accreditation Review panels for the Australian Association of Social Workers. She is an expert with the federal government Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency (TEQSA).