O Maolalaí Seosamh

Seosamh Ó Maolalaí is a facilitator and mediator working in the HR Department of the Irish health services.
He is a certified mediator and member of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland (MII).  His mediation experience is primarily in the area of workplace mediation under the Irish health service’s Dignity at Work policy.  He has also some experience of mediation within community organizations and client-service provider mediation in the health service.

Seosamh’s interest in elder mediation was sparked by his participation in a training programme run in Dublin, Ireland, by Judy McCann-Beranger in 2010.  More recently, he participated in the workshop Elder Mediation – Challenges and Opportunities facilitated by Professor Dale Bagshaw at the international conference on mediation and restorative practices held in the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, in September 2014.

Seosamh is a member of the Council of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland.  He has taken on the role of Elder Mediation Liaison on Council with the remit to promote elder mediation in Ireland and to communicate about developments in elder mediation with the membership of the MII.


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