Ranson Barry

I am the principal at Austwide Mediation Pty Ltd. I am an experienced businessman who has been involved in the Franchise industry for the last 20 years as a multi store franchisee and have assisted franchisees and franchisors in dispute resolution with respect to franchising, retail leases and general financial and business matters for many years.
In June, 2019 I actively participated in the Senate Enquiry into franchising and in October 2019, I was
invited to address the franchise task force enquiring in to the effectiveness of the current franchise
code of conduct.
I have been a member of a national franchise advisory committee from 2004 until 2008.
I have a sound knowledge of the current franchise code of conduct.
Prior to franchising I was a senior Victorian policeman. For 24 years I worked as both a uniform policeman at a number of metropolitan police stations in a variety of ranks and as a detective in a number of Criminal Investigation Units and Crime Squads.

For the last 4 years of my police career as a Senior Sergeant I ran a metropolitan SOCIT Unit (Sexual Offence and Child Abuse Investigation Team) specialising in crimes against children and related family issues including domestic violence.
My role as well was to manage joint investigations with the DHHS.
I am also a member of the Franchise Council of Australia and the Australian Association of Franchisees.
I am a member of the Victorian Association of Dispute Resolution (VADR).
I am a volunteer with the Cancer Council of Victoria and I am proud to be a member of the Cancer Connect project where I am privileged to be able to speak to cancer patients and their families about a
range of issues from diagnosis and treatment to end of life issues.
I am a media representative for the Cancer Council of Victoria, a member of Police Veterans Support
Victoria and a community speaker.


Phone: 0411 390 707
Fax: 03 9374 3177
Email: austwidemediation@gmail.com