ROLLS Brenda

Brenda Rolls, B.Soc.Sc ( Human Services, Adult Education), Grad Dip Conflict Management, NMAS (Nationally Accredited Mediator – LEADR), Accredited Mediator – LEADR and IAMA.

Brenda has been a practicing mediator since 1992 with tertiary qualifications and accredited by IAMA and LEADR. She gained national accreditation (NMAS) in December 2008. her experience as a mediator has included disputes in private and public sectors, commercial and small business, Boards of Management, aged care, neighbourhood and employment with an underpinning knowledge of relevant legislation where applicable. She has utilized face to face, shuttle, telephone and Video Conferencing processes and has conducted pro bono mediation in the pre-lodgment Magistrates Court, Adelaide for small commercial disputes. her span of mediation experience has involved parties from low socio-economic background, NESB, multi-party, management and professional levels, necessitating an ability to deal with high levels of emotional volatility, hostility and diversity. More recently, she has personal experience dealing with nursing home operations with an aged mother in care, and an appreciation for all parties involved.