Barker-Hudson, Brydget and Paul

Brydget and Paul Barker-Hudson provide a unique service based on their wide professional and personal backgrounds and professional and mediation qualifications.

Based in Townsville, North Queensland but enjoying work-related travel throughout Australia they provide respectful, transformative mediation and focused facilitated provide agreed and documented resolutions to challenges confronting families, communities, groups and friends in our fast paced world.

Brydget and Paul and registered family mediators and develop relationships to assist in long-term planning for children and family networks. The facilitative and communication skills encourage co-operative and creative solution-making lasting agreements.

Areas of speciality

  • Elder discussions and transitions management
  • Succession planning
  • Aged care, disability and mental health services
  • Family law disputes (s60I certificates) and property division
  • Family mediation
  • Commercial and workplace disputes
  • Quality and legislative compliance and development

Brydget and Paul practice in north Queensland, based in Townsville and skype / teleconferencing nationally and internationally.  Using a gender-balanced model in their family and elder mediation they provide a balanced respectful, listening to understand model to assist families in transition and needing to develop care models and transition planning for family members and friends.

Brydget and Paul also provide management oriented services to aged-care and residential facilities requiring workplace mediation, mentoring and focused training workshops / seminars.



  • Accredited NMAS Mediator   Accredited NMAS Mediator
  • Registered Family Mediator (FRDP)          Registered Family Mediator (FRDP)
  • Graduate Law and Science (LLB, BSc).   BSc.
  • Accredited Arbitrator,
  • Advanced construction Adjudicator

Contact Details

Brydget Barker-Hudson
Mobile: 0421 908 948
Linkedin: Brydget Barker-Hudson

Paul Barker-Hudson
Mobile: 0402 216 375 or (07) 4773 5565