James Alison

Alison (affectionately known as Ali) is a nationally accredited mediator under NMAS. She completed her national accreditation with
Bond University in 2011, and a Graduate Certificate in Mediation at the University of South Australian in 2014. Her RMAB is the Law
Society of SA. She has previously trained in Collaborative Practice and has been a Mediation Workshop Facilitator for the Law Society
of South Australia and AIFLAM (Australian Institute of Family Law Mediators and Arbitrators).
A former foundation Equity Partner at BBS Lawyers and Mediators, Alison has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession,
with a double degree in Law and Arts from the University of Adelaide and Specialist Accreditation as a Family Law Specialist with the
Law Society of South Australia. She also has an MBA degree from the University of South Australia and a strong family background
and understanding of the retail industry and business.
Alison is appointed on the panel of mediators for the Magistrates Court of South Australia, the Office of Small Business, Office of
Franchising, Arts Law, and ReturnToWorkSA.
At SHAW Dispute Resolution, Alison now has the opportunity to focus on mediation. After many years of negotiation and litigation
as a lawyer, Alison is now mediating all disputes. Alison is referred mediations by Accountants, Lawyers, Barristers, HR Managers
and former clients and has performed mediations in family law disputes regarding property settlement and parenting arrangements,
return to work arrangements between employers and employees, franchise disputes and neighbourhood disputes.
In 1994/95 Alison worked at Flinders University as a tutor for Aboriginal Law students in the Yungorendi program and successfully
saw five (5) students pass all their subjects in both years. Alison also contributed to the social aspects of the program.
Alison was a finalist in the Australian Law Awards for 2018 and the Women in Law Awards 2018!
Alison is currently also undertaking work as a Barrister at Mitchell Chambers.


Alison James LLB, MBA, FDRP
Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS)
M. 0416 589 049
1300 768 496