Jarvis Fiona

During the last four decades, I have occupied several different roles as teacher and professional learning leader (Education), Rehabilitation Consultant and Funeral Celebrant. Throughout, I have had opportunities to work with vulnerable people and Elder Mediation offers another context for assisting vulnerable people in our community.
After completing LeadR mediation training in 2015, I became interested in the field of Elder Mediation and subsequently completed a Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (2016) and participated in a 3-day Elder Mediation Training course in March 2017.
I am currently NMAS accredited and I am also a founding member of the newly established group, Elder Mediation Tasmania, which aims to raise awareness of elder mediation across the Tasmanian community. My goal is to eventually achieve international accreditation as an Elder Mediator.


Grad Dip Family Dispute Resolution, Australian Institute of Social Relations (2016)
LeadR Mediation Training (2015)
Graduate Diploma of Rehabilitation Counselling  University of Tasmania(2013)
MEd  Harvard Graduate School of Education (2010-11)
BEd  University of Tasmania(1977)
BA University of Tasmania (1976)


Email: fiona@aboutthelittlethings.com.au
Tel: 0407 142 733