Denis has the experience and resolve to settle disputes which can otherwise be enormously costly and can lead to a “winner takes all” rather than a “win-win” resolution for both parties. Denis invented the MyMediation (MM) process so that parties had a process to resolve disputes, or issues, in an environment that is in no way disruptive, threatening but instead respectful so that parties, and the families in the Mediation can with the guidance of the MM Practitioner (MMP) discuss a process to settle the dispute, and amend relationships for a win/win outcome.

A MMP conducts a Mediation principally by reviewing a one page document prepared by each party. The document is the opportunity for each party in their words, not a legal position, to explain their position in the dispute, the MMP then commences the Mediation, or commences a pre-Mediation process.

Denis is a successful inventor/entrepreneur. He is founder of a highly innovative payment solution for businesses, large and small. Denis departed the business and role as Managing Director in February 2021, so he could recommence full time as a MMP as he was concerned about small business, and the families in and beyond COVID with regards to the Debt position. The business in September 2020 executed a partnership agreement with world leading global payment company, Mastercard.


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