Vohralik John

I have been mediating for many years and have been Nationally Accredited since around the time that the national accreditation system began. Prior to that I was accredited in 1993 as a mediator with LEADR (now known as the Resolution Institute). I have provided assistance to the Resolution Institute with its video training sessions for mediation students for many years as a volunteer. My website is www.vohralikmediation.com

I am presently working on growing my mediation practice, and am particularly interested in mediation of commercial, insurance, insolvency, professional indemnity, construction, banking and finance, intellectual property, consumer law, franchising, employment,wills and estates, elder law, property (incl tenancy), class action and general negligence and equity disputes.

I have many years experience (in my earlier practice days at Sly and Russell/Deacons, now known as Norton Rose Fulbright) as a commercial and insurance (both personal injury and commercial lines) litigator. During those years and after moving to Gillis Delaney Brown, Lawyers, I also assisted insurers with policy drafting work and Code compliance wordings. For the past twenty or so years I have concentrated on commercial and equity disputes, with a very broad range of dispute work for blue chip companies, large private companies, Liquidators and Voluntary Administrators, SME’s and also high net worth individuals. I have also acted for a number of elderly persons in relation to family type disputes relating to property, leasing and financial matters. My litigation experience has included, but is not limited to, corporations law matters, insolvency, professional indemnity, insurance claims, residential and commercial construction disputes, partnership disputes, franchising disputes, contract disputes, employment disputes (including breach of restraints and confidential information), trade practices and consumer law, wills and estate disputes and a number of elder person disputes.

As a mediator, I have also mediated a very wide range of disputes, including, but not limited to Corporations Law breaches, insolvency and PPSA, contract breaches, construction, insurance (including TPD policy, professional indemnity and subrogation), franchising, trade practices (incl misleading or deceptive conduct and unconscionable conduct claims), debt and finance disputes, property disputes, sponsorship, shareholder/director disputes, retail lease disputes, intellectual property and confidential information/restraint disputes, general negligence, wills and estates disputes and consumer law matters. I have recently mediated a number of insurance matters, including a claim by a Liquidator under a theft policy, which matter involved some interesting policy interpretation issues as well as some complex issues under the Personal Property Securities Act. The matter was resolved at the mediation, saving the parties considerable legal spend and risks. Last year I mediated a dispute between a number of elder members of a Chinese family involving sensitive issues regarding an estate of a relative. That matters was settled on suitable terms to permit the family to get on with their lives and deal with the estate and burial issues in a manner all were happy with.

I am on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Law Society, so keep abreast of developments in ADR and mediation, including recently discussed proposed legislation regarding mediation in NSW- unfortunately, I suspect that legislation will not proceed. I have been on a number of mediator panels for many years (Franchising Code, Law Society of NSW, Resolution Institute) and also obtain nominations via the Law Society President pursuant to contractual provisions between disputing parties. In addition, I receive private nominations from a number of solicitors and barristers in Sydney and other places.


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